As  Producer/Director for the BBC


Man Alive: So … You Don’t Want a Baby (1979)
With the recent rise in birth-rates, a look at contraception including controversial compulsory sterilisation

Man Alive: Juries On Trial (1980)
Is our jury system fair? Who picks the juries?

Man Alive: Transplant (1980)
As transplants become more common,  an investigation into the shortage of vital organs. 

Man Alive: Who Wants a Gold Watch Anyway  (1980)
The ups and downs of retirement.

The Ship Builders_mini

The Shipbuilders

Juries on Trial

Juries on Trial

Man Alive: Fighting for Time (1981)
An investigation into the British way of  coping with a death sentence

Man Alive: Medicine of Miracle (1981)
Extraordinary stories of surviving a terminal prognosis

Man Alive: Vital Statistics (1981)
A breast implant and a breast reduction. Two tales of cosmetic surgery


All Our Working Lives: The Shipbuilders (1984)
The history of shipbuilding

Cotton People_mini

Cotton People

All Our Working Lives: Cotton People (1984)
The history of the cotton industry

All Our Working Lives: Scientific Change (1984)
The history of the chemical industry

All Our Working Lives: Hindsight (1984)
Charting the changes in British industry in the twentieth century

Now the War is Over: Goodbye to All That (1985)
Aftermath of the second world war and hopes for the future

Now the War is Over: A Home of Our Own (1985)
Squatters, prefabs, new flats – how the nation coped with homelessness

Now the War is Over_mini40 Minutes:  Come Home, Julie (1986)
A young Ghanaian girl returns to the foster parents she was snatched from 10 years ago.

Voices from the Doll’s House: Bella the Welder (1989)
A young woman’s struggle to get accepted in the men’s world of welding (link)

Voices from the Doll’s House: Victoria the Suffragette (1989)
The story of a militant suffragette.

Girl Guide Headquarters, Buckingham Palace Road, London, 23rd May 1930, Lord Baden Powell inspects Girl Guides

Sybil the girl guide

Voices from the Doll’s House: Dorothy the Graduate (1989)
Blazing the trail of women at university

Voices from the Doll’s House: Sybil the Girl Guide (1989)
Memories of the early days of ‘scouting for girls’ (link)

Portrait Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal

Portrait: Simon Wiesenthal (1989)
The story behind Simon Wiesenthal’s relentless hunting down of the men who carried out the holocaust

The People’s Century: 1924 – On the Line (1995)
Mass production forever alters the lives of workers and consumers

The People’s Century: 1968 – New Release (1996)
A new generation challenges the Establishment

As Series Producer/Executive Producer for the BBC

Now The War is Over (1985) series of eight documentaries2009-04-29 11.30.13 (1)_mini
Eight documentaries on rebuilding Britain after the war.

Labours of Eve_mini

Out of the Doll’s House (1988) series of eight documentaries
The story of women in the twentieth century

Labours of Eve (1995) series of six documentaries
Six documentaries about individual  women’s extraordinary experiences of childbirth


A Pocketful of Posies (2001)A Pocketful of Posies_mini
Childhood at the beginning of the twentieth century.

As Editor for the BBC

CrimewatchCrimewatch UK (1990)
A weekly programme reconstructing unsolved major crimes in the hope of  gaining information from the public

Taking Liberties (1990)
Reports on people whose lives have been shattered  by injustice or misfortune

Rough Justice (1990)
Investigations of miscarriage of justice

As Producer for the European Commission

The Glass Ceiling Breakers (1992)
A pan-European look at how women combine success and motherhood

As Producer and Writer for Channel 4The Peoples Duchess_mini


Secret History: The People’s Duchess (1999)
A profile of Georgiana, the most glamorous and influential woman of  her day, a feisty ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. (link)


As Series Producer/Executive Producer for Channel 4


Sex bomb_mini

Sex Bomb (1998) series of four documentariesGreen and Pleasant Land_mini
A four-part  history of the sexual revolution

Green & Pleasant Land (1998) series of six documentaries
Six documentaries on life in the countryside in the last century

Witness: Satanic Crimes (2000)
An investigation of occult crimes in South Africa

And God Created Netball_mini


Witness: And God Created Netball (2000)
Insight into the lives of orthodox jewish women.

Satanic Crimes_mini

Secret History: Wallis Simpson: The Demonised Duchess (2001)
A profile of the woman for whom the King gave up his throne

Lock Up Your Daughters (2001)
The complex sexual world of teenage girls.

Celebrity Blind Man’s Buff (2001)
Three celebrities experience  the daily challenges which confront the blind.

Angela Holdsworth | Angela Neuberger

Celebrity Blind Man’s Buff

Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story (2001)
A profile of Serena and Venus Williams

As Consultant for Testimony Films

What did you do in the Great War Daddy? (BBC4 2007)
The effect of the loss of their fathers on the children of the Great War (link)

Lock Up Your Daughters_mini

A Century of Fatherhood (BBC4 2010)
The changing role of the father (link)

The Grammar School: A Secret History (BBC4 2012)
The rise and fall of the grammar schoolAngela Holdsworth | Angela Neuberger



Most Recent Work:

Executive Producer of Bastards (2013) a feature documentary

The inspiring battle of a single mother to get her child’s rights recognised (link)


Welsh Women of World War One (BBC) 2016 (link)